Tailz Vibrating Rechargeable Silicone Anal Plug andamp; 3 Tails with Remote Control Set - Assorted Colors

Tailz Vibrating Rechargeable Silicone Anal Plug andamp; 3 Tails with Remote Control Set – Assorted Colors

by Rocco at Adultomg

Whether you’re trying to convince them on trying things out, or you’re already curious and wanting to learn more about anal, this is the read for you! Being comfortable and knowledgeable to enjoy anal sex is a must before diving in!

Some of the biggest turn-offs when it comes to anal sex is the uncertainty of how to approach it, as well as what can come with it. This article will help quell those fears and hopefully foster an interest for you and your partner to try things out. Who knows, maybe you’ll come across a new way to enjoy yourselves in the bedroom?

First Steps

Obviously the first step is, if you haven’t already, to bring this interest up with your partner, explaining your desire to try it out and to be ready with the information you’ve prepared already. There’s a wealth of details and guides online that you can take from, any number of them would be a great starting point on your journey.

Do your best to bring enough details to the table that can calm any fears of your partner, allowing you both to talk through the prospect of exploring this with an open-mind. Don’t misunderstand, just because you bring everything to the table doesn’t ensure that your partner will agree, in which case, let it go and bring it up in the future. It can help to go through looking up details and information with your partner beside you, letting them read these details for themselves.

Go Slow & Don’t Rush

So, you’ve managed to convince your partner to hear you out, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves yet! Diving straight into anal sex can be incredibly painful and scarring, leaving your partner hesitant to even think about trying it again! Start small, using your fingers during sex to gently tease them, especially since this will begin stretching them in preparation for the real thing, which’ll be much more painful at first.

Keep it Clean

Another aspect to consider isn’t the kinkiest of ones, which is the potential clean-up that’s involved with anal sex. To combat this, a lot of couples take to enemas in an effort to minimize this, cleaning themselves beforehand so that anal sex can be enjoyed as a much cleaner experience for both of you! Look into things and gauge whether this practice is right for you.

Enjoy yourselves!

This should go without saying, but it’s so easy to forget that this isn’t a goal to be achieved, but an experience to be enjoyed! Savor this new sensation with your partner, ensure that they’re comfortable with how things progress and continue to explore other ways to enjoy anal sex with them, whether that involves new toys, positions, or even the technique to maximize their pleasure! Take the time to make your partner enjoy the experience and they’ll do the same for you, so don’t go rushing in with every inch, because you’ll likely not get another one in after that!

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